Why Your Mac Fleet Needs To Be Managed

By far, the number one question we’re asked is “Why does my Mac fleet need to be managed?”. It’s a natural response. After all, Mac’s just work - right? And besides, one of your guys looks after things. But let’s face it, they’re tending to the IT hobby you gave them when they get time away from doing what you hired them to do. And with what’s at stake for your business, that’s just not good enough.

Take the latest incident we’ve seen. An old client who chose not to have us manage his environment called us in a panic because he couldn’t access his server. After re-familiarizing ourselves with his setup, we determined that one of the drives in his server’s RAID had failed and was preventing it from being accessed. And while we were on the phone, we heard a loud screeching clicking noise. So we weren’t too surprised when we found that his backup drive had also failed. His last backup was back in late September - FOUR MONTHS AGO!.

As it turned out, our old client was lucky. He had one copy of his data on the other drive in the RAID and we were able to move it to more reliable systems. But that’s just it, isn’t it? He was lucky! Relying on luck is horrible way to run a business. And you don’t have to. Had we been managing these systems, we would have been alerted when his server had problems. . .and when the backup drive failed.

Why does your Mac fleet need to be managed? Among other reasons so that more than luck stands between your business and a total disaster.