Why We Always Recommend AppleCare+

How many times have you purchased something - often some piece of electronic gear - and you’re offered an extended warranty? Us too. And normally we see how fast we can respond with “No Thanks”. AppleCare+ is the very rare exception. Apple desktops and laptops come with a standard 1-year parts & labor warranty. You can extend that to a total of 3 years by purchasing AppleCare+. For Mac Minis AppleCare+ is $169. For 13” MacBooks, it’s $269. And for 15” MacBooks it’s $379,

With Apple moving away from user-replaceable parts, almost any repair will easily exceed the cost of AppleCare. For example, we had a client with a 27" iMac and two months after the initial 1-year warranty expired, the display panel went out. The local Apple Store quoted her $1200 for the repair since she hadn't purchased AppleCare. 

But a year or so ago, Apple added accidental damage coverage to AppleCare - making it even better. So if you drop or otherwise damage your MacBook Pro, for example, Apple will repair it for you after paying a small deductible. Indeed, a colleague dropped his 15” MacBook Pro. Apple repaired it, replacing almost every part in it, and my friend paid $299 - significantly less than a new laptop. Just make sure your data is backed up (see page 4). If Apple has to replace your computer’s logic board, your data goes with it.