Technology Playbook

Your Company's IT Game Plan.

The Technology Playbook is the first step toward turning your Apple technology from a disorganized collection of pieces into a well-oiled machine that you can use to go crush it.

We gather comprehensive information about the state of your technology - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We dig deep into your workflows, policies, and documentation to find out if your technology is in a state of harmony or chaos.

We ask questions you'd never expect from IT and turn it all into actionable advice at every step.

If you've got that feeling gnawing at the back of your mind that your technology isn't working as hard for you as you expect or that you may be more exposed to risk than you're comfortable with, then a Technology Playbook will give you those answers so you can move forward intelligently.

  • How Much Does The Playbook Cost?

    Because each environment is different, we can’t give you an exact price until we chat for a bit. Things like the number of Macs (minimum 10), number of locations, and complexity of your environment are all factors. But if your ballpark $100/Mac that should be pretty close.

  • Can't I Work With You Without A Playbook?

    Sorry, no. We feel strongly that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. Before we can help you achieve the results you’re looking for we need to know more about you. We need to know more about technology’s role in your business. We need to know how you define success. What are your goals? What do you want the business to add to your life?

  • Does The Owner Really Need To Be Involved? Can't They Just Delegate?

    We do insist that the owner is actively involved in the process. Some things can be delegated, but a fair number of the questions we ask ony the owner can answer.

  • Isn't This Just A Sales Gimmick To Sell Me Services?

    Nope. Though I totally get it. So many IT firms promote a “free audit” just to get in the door and sell sell sell. To be totally honest, we HATE selling. The Technology Playbook is different. First, it’s not free. What was your reaction the last time someone asked you for free work? Yeah, us too.

    Second, the depth and breadth of our assessment goes well beyond any puny free audit. I mean we are charging you for it so it only stands to reason, right?

    Third, each section will give you concrete and actionable steps you can take to move your business closer to your goals. And at the end, you can elect to partner with us or you can take the information to your internal IT department or any provider you wish. I PROMISE, we don’t sell!