Are You Sick And Tired Of Dealing With IT Service Providers That Never Call You Back, Can't Fix Things Right, Nickel-and-Dime You For Everything, And On Top Of It All Just Don't Understand Macs?

If so, contact us and let us show you what fast, friendly and highly responsive Apple-First IT services should be for your business. Call 614-218-8798 To Schedule A Free Discovery Consultation.

  • 20 Questions You Shoud Ask Any IT Expert Before Letting Them Touch Your Mac Network

    20 Questions You Shoud Ask Any IT "Expert" Before Letting Them Touch Your Mac Network

    If You Depend On Macs To Run Your Business, This Is One Report You DON'T Want To Overlook!

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4 Big Reasons to Choose Wild Frog Consulting to Support Your Mac Network

We're All About Macs! Our expertise is helping small businesses be more effective with their Apple platforms. Windows-first IT providers try to talk a good game, but Macs are special and just can't be managed like Windows computers. We feel a great (and secure) Mac experience simply can't be provided by folks who dabble in Macs, claiming "Sure, we do Macs too." Macs aren't a sideline for us - they're our reason for being.

One Stop For All Your IT Needs! Sure, we’re experts in all things Apple, but we know a lot of technology: your Internet connection, your phone system, your printers, and everything electronic. We help you leverage that technology to help your business thrive.

We're All About Small Business! Small businesses are unique and have different technology needs than larger enterprises. We're experts at bringing the capabilties and processes larger companies rely on and tailoring them to meet the needs (and budgets) of small businesses like yours.

Security Focused! Macs are more secure than ever, but they're not invulnerable. Bad guys are always on the lookout for new exploits. With more and more functions moving to the cloud, security often comes down your team's ability to make good security choices. The most secure Mac is still in the box and locked in a safe - but it doesn't help your business very much. We help you find the balance between security and productivity that's right for your business.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

Like an in-house IT department, at a fraction of the cost.

Co-Managed Apple IT

Services for companies with IT departments to help “co-manage” their Mac fleet.

VoIP Services

Level up with your remote workforce with a flexible VoIP solution.

Work From Anywhere

We keep your staff productive and secure, wherever they're working.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

The most responsive vendor we have. Period.

Wild Frog is the most responsive vendor we have. Period. If there's something we need, we know they will make it happen. No one can make everything run smoothly all the time, but we know whenever we have a problem we can count on Wild Frog to work on it right away. If you want a “computer guy” to set up your systems, you probably have a lot of options. If you want someone who will work with you for the long term to help you keep moving your business forward, there is no one I would trust more than Wild Frog.

David Bernstien Operations Director
Simakovsky Law

Apple Experts

We’ve worked with Wild Frog since 2015 and rely on their Mac expertise. They learned how our architectural firm operates and keep us productive and secure with IT support. They respond quickly when we have any IT issues and do whatever it takes to keep us on track. Other firms have solicited our business, but none understand Macs like Wild Frog Consulting.

John Freytag Principal
Freytag & Associates Architects

Responsive IT from Apple experts - who talk to you like a real person.

We've worked with a few other IT companies and Wild Frog has been the best and easiest to work with. What I appreciate most about working with Wild Frog is knowing they'll respond quickly whenever I have an IT question or issue. They take the time to explain things in ways I can understand and never make me feel like they are rushing our conversations or feel like I'm being talked down to. I rest easier knowing Wild Frog's team of Apple experts are making sure we have a great - and secure - Mac experience.

Everett Bradley COO
KD Yoder & Associates

About Wild Frog Consulting

Wild Frog Consulting was created on the belief that small businesses should have access to the same Apple-focused expertise and services that large enterprises get from a dedicated in-house IT team. We use many of the same tools & processes used in large enterprises and tailor them to deliver real business results for small companies with 5 to 50 employees. Unlike many other providers, Apple devices aren’t a "we support that too” thing - they’re our reason for being.